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Iftar at Kampala Smokehouse

1. Iftar isn't about binge eating mountains and mountains of food.  You have seen people actually gain weight during Ramadan? This is one of the reasons why. Instead there, are some tips you can follow to do it in healthier way. 2. Its not OK to skip suhoor (the early morning meal) so that you can sleep. You need to have this if you intend to power through the day.

Good, affordable Thai at Chokh Di Thai

Colours. Almost all of them in the rainbow. The Gai Phad Pak or Stir fried chicken with vegetables, for those who can not read Thai, came with a helping of noodles. That made for an interesting contrast. All these colourful veges against the stark white. (Arya for the win...sorry, couldn't resist.)

Congs to our Valentine’s winners, Faisal and Joan.

Remember this promo ? Faisal and Joan won and they had a blast with Yujo's special Valentine's menu.   And they tried this beauty.   The lovers were nice enough to, between the meal, record some short clips for us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN_Zag3Rg-A&feature=youtu.be     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4w-MLVQc7Q&feature=youtu.be   Subscribe to the blog via email using the Follow button … Continue reading Congs to our Valentine’s winners, Faisal and Joan.

Aunty Mo; The first Ugandan made organic breakfast cereal.

Be honest, when was the last time you had Ugandan made breakfast cereal? Odds are…never. Isn’t it incredible that with all the grain we have in this bountiful country we do not make our own cereal? We instead import boxes of corn flakes from miles away with food colourants, additives and preservatives whose long term … Continue reading Aunty Mo; The first Ugandan made organic breakfast cereal.

2 pizza Calzones

January is over! You made it! Treat yourself to a pizza calzone at Bushpig.

In a way, the calzone is very understated. Just 3 ingredients. The pulled pork is extra juicy, the cheese adequate and stringy and the mushrooms chewy so you will get that um, range of textures. Hats off to the chef because those ingredients are very carefully calibrated. You will NOT take a bite that does not have all of the 3. I also tried my friend’s portion and the same was true.